The common nicotine substitute

The common nicotine substitute

Nicotine Chewing gum

The compositions are different:

There are three categories of Nicotine Chewing gum

The common nicotine substitute comes with 2 mg nicotine, 4 mg nicotine and also with a fruit or mint flavor. Smoking and chewing gum are often interpreted in this way: fewer cigarettes every day, but slowly more chewing gum.

4 mg nicotine gum was developed for smokers who are heavily dependent. Withdrawal symptoms with just 2 mg of nicotine gum will be much more pronounced. Smoking chewing gum is tolerable, but not at the same time, chewing gum and a cigarette in the mouth are not possible. Typical withdrawal symptoms: Severe nervousness due to inner restlessness, increased aggressiveness combined with irritability. The concentration leaves a lot to be desired, general sleep disorders and increased appetite are also noticeable.

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