Smoke-free syringe

Smoke-free syringe – Is It Worth the Experience?

Smoke-free syringe, Mesotherapy for smoking cessation

Manufacturers of the smoke-free syringe promise you a mild and efficient withdrawal for little money. Imagine, with just a little prick, you could leave the annoying nicotine addiction behind you forever.

Wouldn’t this idea be too good to be true?

What is smoke-free syringe?

This type of treatment is also known as mesotherapy. The mesotherapy was developed in France about 30 years ago. It was later adopted in Germany by a doctor named Johann Kees and the procedure was made available to the general public.

Over time, the ingredients have also been revised and further developed several times.

The idea behind smoke-free syringe

The principle of the smoke-free syringe is based on mesotherapy, which was launched in 1952 by the French doctor Michel Pistor. This includes elements of neural therapy as well as properties of acupuncture.

“Meso” is derived from the Greek and means something like “medium”. The content of the syringe is administered into the middle layer of the skin of certain acupuncture points. These are located in 6 precisely defined places on the head and ears.

With the penetration of the ingredients, the nerves damaged by nicotine are to be calmed and symptoms of nicotine withdrawal are alleviated.

According to the operator of the syringe, the effect should already start after an injection and last for a long time. In some cases, however, another session with an additional injection is also given.

Certain information about the treatment and certain rules of conduct are discussed before the actual treatment.

While the smoke-free syringe was previously only administered by doctors, nowadays alternative practitioners are also using it more and more.

Smoke-free syringe ingredients

According to the manufacturer, the ingredients consist of homeopathic and herbal ingredients, vitamins and low doses of conventional drugs. What exactly the syringe is made of remains a secret.

Many alternative practitioners are said to have stated that nicotine is also part of the recipe. This is also confirmed by many experience reports.

Why such a secret is made of the ingredients remains very questionable in my opinion. Presumably this is done to protect against imitators.

But wouldn’t it be more responsible to inform the user about the exact composition?

This is how much a smoke-free syringe will cost

Smoke-free syringe, Mesotherapy for smoking cessation

There are different offers for this. Prices also vary accordingly. It is advisable to find out more. In general, there are individual injections and seminars with multiple injections.

A smoke-free syringe will cost you between $ 60-120. Should another session be necessary, the amount would even double.

A seminar in which a smoke-free syringe is offered would cost an estimated $ 280 to 320.

What to watch out for

If you are interested in the topic of “smoke-free syringes” and you intend to try it out, you should definitely consider the following 6 points:

Bring your own motivation

Without motivation, nothing works. If you haven’t made the decision to finally put an end to smoking, not much will change after the injection.

Discuss your plan with a doctor

Before the treatment you should definitely consult a doctor and clarify the dangers and chances of success with him.

Do not use a smoke-free syringe during pregnancy or breastfeeding

The smoke-free syringe should not be used during this time. Long-term studies and experience are as good as non-existent, which is why it can only be advised against.

Be aware of the possible side effects

Allegedly, the smoke-free syringe has no side effects and does not interact. Despite everything, there are reports that state that some people can experience allergic reactions.

Some people suspect that this comes from the homeopathic remedies. But that is not a certain fact.

In rare cases, people also report circulatory problems.

Choose a trustworthy practice

Be a little picky when choosing the practice. Hygiene should come first to avoid any health risks.

Have a low level of stress

It is recommended that you only consider the syringe if you are exposed to little stress in everyday life and have a clear head. Stress would only mess you up and make the injection less effective.

read more about Stress Management

Chances of success

With a medical device like the syringe, many people are absolutely convinced that it has to help.

But does that apply to the smoke-free syringe? Is it worth trying?

In principle, this question cannot be answered so easily, as the use of mesotherapy / non-smoking syringes has hardly been investigated so far. Their effect is therefore not clearly proven.

The few studies that have dealt with mesotherapy state that there was no long-term effect. For this reason, the smoke-free syringe is assigned to the alternative methods by various experts.

People who have undergone treatment with the syringe report that smoking cravings, although not 100% go away, are severely contained. Especially in the first few days after the injection, you should have the feeling that your own mood is stable.

Also, cravings for sweets and Co. should supposedly not arise. This is particularly interesting for those who want to quit who want to quit smoking without gaining weight.

Despite all of this, experts advise against using the non-smoking syringe exclusively.

The sole benefit might alleviate the physical symptoms of nicotine withdrawal, but the psychological component is completely disregarded.

The experts also found that the relapse rate of people who underwent this treatment was 3 times higher than that of people who took part in a holistic smoking cessation seminar.

Other sources report that supposedly 70-90% of all those treated no longer smoked.

If you take a closer look, however, these are increasingly short-term successes, because the majority of them later relapsed.

Conclusion smoke-free syringe

As you can see, the syringe isn’t a miracle cure for stubborn nicotine addiction.

While it is rarely successful on its own, it can still serve as a supportive measure to help curb physical withdrawal symptoms.

Even if their effectiveness has not been 100% proven, many swear by their effectiveness. It is not for nothing that some seminars also offer the smoke-free syringe for a small surcharge.

If you are seriously interested in turning your back on nicotine addiction once and for all, you should definitely seek out a method that is also able to combat your psychological addiction.