Quit smoking with non smoking capsules.

Non-smoking capsules are for smoking cessation. Smokers who want to quit consider such miracle drugs to be a legend.

What are non-smoking capsules?

Non-smoking capsules are based on 100% natural ingredients. The composition of natural ingredients counteract the physical change. Active ingredients can have a stimulating effect and cause a little emotional chaos. Aphrodisiac and stimulant components increase dopamine levels. The selection of natural ingredients stimulates the metabolism and urination.

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There are various promising remedies that promise you to finally close the chapter on smoking. Despite this promise, it is important to keep in mind that there is no such thing as a magic bullet.

As always, your personal success depends on you.

Herbal capsules help you to satisfy your physical and psychological addiction.

The habit you have to get under control by yourself!

Effect of non-smoking capsules

Non-smoking capsules work on a dual level. By taking it the physical and psychological addiction needs are met.

Physical addiction satisfaction

New receptors form in the brain when an addiction develops. These receptors are supplied with the addictive substance and sound the alarm if there is a lack of this addictive substance. A lack of receptors causes the physical craving for nicotine. Non-smoking capsules block the receptors that crave nicotine. A substitute similar in composition to nicotine docks onto these receptors. The receptors are supplied and satisfied. There is no physical craving for nicotine.

Satisfaction of psychological addiction

Psychological addiction arises from the release of dopamine after a sense of achievement. The smoker’s body feels the supply of the receptors in the brain with the addictive substance through the calming and good-tasting cigarette as a sense of achievement. the reward center releases happiness hormones in the form of dopamine. The smoker is happy and mentally satisfied. Thanks to their composition, non-smoking capsules raise the dopamine level and relieve the psyche of cravings. The hopefully no longer smoker is happy and has no psychological desire for a cigarette.

Relief of habitual behavior

Many smokers simply smoke out of habit rather than when they are experiencing withdrawal symptoms.

  • Talk to someone – smoke
  • Put in the car – smoke
  • One completed job – smoke
  • 5-minute break – smoke
  • Waiting for the bus – smoking

Non-smoking capsules cannot influence your habitual behavior, it’s your personal responsibility. Come up with a new custom. Make yourself a cup of tea or play a game of chess on your smartphone while you wait.

Many ex-smokers do not give up the habit of constantly wanting to bring their hand to their mouth and happily reach into the chip bag or gummy bear box. Be aware that such behavior will inevitably lead to an addiction rearrangement. The addiction rearrangement can have immense consequences in the form of excessive weight gain or the like.

Side effect

There are hardly any real side effects. Each body reacts to the withdrawal individually. To warn the test subjects, some side effects must be listed in a purely legal manner. Side effects can take the form of: headache, nausea, restless sleep, dizziness or mood swings. Many test subjects in the test series came to be non-smokers with non-smoking capsules without any side effects and any complaints.

Non-smoking capsules: Advantages and disadvantages of non-smoking capsules

  • Satisfying the physical addiction needs: The brain is tricked by substitutes and there is no physical craving for nicotine
  • Satisfying the psychological addiction needs: The hormone level is raised and you have no psychological desire for a “sense of achievement”
  • Increased vitality as a non-smoker
  • Non-smoking capsules cannot affect your habitual cravings. The power of habit is in your own hands. People around you can be of help to you. Find an alternative to the handle for the tilt box


Most quitting attempts start with cold withdrawal and end with relapse. The term cold withdrawal means the intention to stop smoking from now on.

Many try to quit smoking with the help of other nicotine dispensers. You try inhalers, nicotine patches, or nicotine gum. The receptors in the brain that want to be constantly supplied with nicotine continue to generate a desire.

Nicotine substitutes bring the best results in the test. These attach to the receptors in the brain that require nicotine and block them. The brain is pretended to have received an adequate supply of nicotine. The nicotine substitute satisfies the physical desire for the addictive substance. Little by little, the body forgets the actual effects of nicotine and the desire stops permanently.

To nicotine replacement, non-smoking capsules additional raise the hormone level in the body and counteract psychological addiction. The substitute achieved good to very good results in the test.