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Smoking is unhealthy, stinks and harms both the smoker and the people who inhale the smoke. A person who starts smoking is often unaware of the effects on the body and the environment. Long-term smokers are aware of this problem, but have difficulty fighting the addiction. The road to becoming a non-smoker is long, arduous and requires a lot of discipline. This is exactly where Nikotinex capsules should help.

Smoking cessation is withdrawal from the addictive substance nicotine. Sometimes a lot of discipline and willpower is required. But just as a child first learned to ride a bike with training wheels, there are numerous ways to stop smoking if you cannot muster the required discipline and willpower. Smoking cessation with Nikotinex capsules has proven to be particularly quick and effective.

What is Nikotinex?

Nikotinex are capsules to help you quit smoking. In combination with your own decision, they help to quit smoking and to simplify the difficult path to non-smokers. Since both physical and psychological addiction needs have to be overcome at the same time when quitting smoking, quitting is not easy for many smokers. Magnets, nicotine chewing gum, nicotine sprays, nicotine patches or other nicotine-free products for smoking cessation (such as Nicosol, Smoke Ex, Nico Bloxx or Nicorex) often only help to a limited extent. Even with hypnosis, people quickly fall back into old patterns. Nikotinex in capsule form supports the smoker with natural ingredients and offers help with withdrawal symptoms.

Nikotinex: The ingredients

The capsules consist exclusively of 100% herbal and natural ingredients, which the body can absorb more easily and process more effectively, in contrast to nicotine replacement products. Nikotinex contains the following ingredients:

The positive side effect of green tea extract is that it boosts fat burning. Both the guarana and the cayenne pepper support this process and limit the frequent weight gain of non-smokers.

Nikotinex usage

When using Nikotinex, regular intake of two tablets per day is necessary to achieve a positive effect. The Nikotinex manufacturer recommends taking one capsule in the morning immediately after breakfast and one after dinner. If you don’t have breakfast or dinner, you can set fixed times to take the capsule. A general deviation of a few hours is not a problem with the Nikotinex application. The only important thing is to increase by exactly two capsules per day.

How does Nikotinex work?

Nikotinex satisfies both physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms through the ingredients it contains. Similar to dieting, smoking cessation requires a complete restructuring of one’s habits in order to remain non-smokers in the long term. Changing habits without aids, however, is laborious and exhausting, as it means that psychological and physical addiction must be defeated at the same time.

Regular use of the Nikotinex capsules can make it much easier to quit smoking, as it actively alleviates the addiction to nicotine:

Satisfying mental and physical addiction

When consuming nicotine or smoking cigarettes, the body releases dopamine in the brain. This means that the nicotine in the body is perceived as a kind of sense of achievement, similar to doing sports or mastering a difficult task. Nikotinex takes over the task of nicotine when ingested and stimulates the release of dopamine with the help of its natural ingredients. This creates a healthy level of dopamine in the smoker’s brain.

In the case of nicotine addiction, special receptors in the brain must be constantly supplied by the addictive substance. By decreasing the nicotine level in the blood, the receptors signal that the nicotine deficiency has to be compensated again. The body demands new nicotine in what is commonly known as the “craving for a cigarette”. The person feels compelled to smoke. Nikotinex acts like a football goalkeeper and blocks these receptors so that no desire can arise.

Changing the habit

Anyone who smokes with their colleagues every day during the break or picks up a cigarette while waiting at the bus stop also has to change their habits when they stop smoking. Nikotinexcan only provide limited support in this process. Nikotinexhelps the smoker against the physical craving for nicotine. He then literally has his head free to fully strive to change his habits. The change in habits usually comes about by itself, since after a certain period of time taking Nikotinexthere is usually no longer any physical desire for the cigarette.

Who are Nikotinex capsules for?

Nikotinexis suitable for every smoker who wants to quit smoking quickly and easily. Use is prohibited for people under the age of 18, pregnant or breastfeeding women, as well as people who may be allergic to any of the above ingredients.

Nikotinex capsules are particularly suitable for heavy smokers who have been smoking for years. Experience has shown that this group of smokers has particular problems quitting smoking, as the addiction is usually very advanced. Quitting smoking without Nikotinexis therefore a great challenge for many heavy smokers.

Nikotinex is also an interesting option for smokers who have tried several methods and still have not had any success. The alternative treatment option with 100% natural ingredients differs from other conventional methods and is therefore much more promising.

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