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Nicotine tablets: experience, price, usage, side effects and much more.

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Smoke-free with nicotine tablets

Everyone knows how harmful smoking is to health. Nevertheless, many smokers do not manage to get rid of addiction without aids such as nicotine patches – the desire for the cigarette is simply too great. Nicotine tablets can help you to become permanently non-smokers. They supply the body with the necessary dose of nicotine without the smoker having to reach for a cigarette. Any withdrawal symptoms that occur are significantly alleviated by taking the tablets. Since the nicotine tablets are available in different strengths, they can support the smoker in almost all phases of smoking cessation.


The active ingredient in nicotine lozenges enters the body through the oral mucosa. It is therefore important to let the tablets melt slowly in your mouth and not to chew them or swallow them in one piece. The anti-smoking tablets are sucked like candy. About 50 percent of the nicotine is released during sucking. Even heavy smokers have a real chance to free themselves from their unloved vice with the help of nicotine tablets. The fact that the smoldering stick is avoided while taking the non-smoking tablets is a great help on the way to permanent non-smoking. Because smokers usually associate the cigarette with certain rituals, such as the usual cigarette after breakfast, lunch, etc. If these rituals are broken thanks to treatment with smoking cessation tablets, the tobacco smoker will find it easier to forego these habits later on .

Chances of success

A prerequisite for successful smoking cessation pills is of course regular consumption of nicotine candies. Keeping a so-called “non-smoking diary” can be helpful for self-control. This tool gives aspiring non-smokers a precise overview of the dosage of the daily active ingredient. The purpose of anti-smoking tablet therapy is to reduce the need for nicotine every day, and thus to get closer to the goal on the successful path to becoming a non-smoker every day.

Advantages and disadvantages of tablets

The anti-smoking tablets can be very helpful in giving up smoking, as they supply the body with nicotine and thus alleviate the withdrawal symptoms that occur. The advantage is that, unlike cigarettes, nicotine tablets do not contain any other toxic substances such as carbon monoxide and tar. However, it is important to stop smoking tablets regularly according to the appropriate dosage instructions, otherwise the desired effect may not be achieved.


The nicotine lozenges are available in different dosages. During sucking, nicotine is released through the lining of the mouth and supplied to the body. The dosage depends on the respective cigarette consumption of the smoker. The more cigarettes the person concerned had consumed daily, the higher the nicotine content of the smoking cessation lozenges should be. Regular intake of the lozenges is a prerequisite for successful smoking cessation. When taking the anti-smoking tablet, the recommended dosage should be followed. If too much nicotine candy is consumed, it can lead to an overdose of nicotine. The symptoms are similar to those experienced with excessive smoking. This can lead to dizziness, headaches, tiredness and even diarrhea. Smokers who suffer from chronic cardiovascular disease or who have recently had a heart attack should completely refrain from cigarettes for the sake of their health. Since smoking cessation lozenges contain nicotine, it is advisable to consult a doctor before taking the anti-smoking tablets in order to rule out any interactions with other medications. It is well known that smoking during pregnancy is dangerous for the unborn child and extremely harmful to health. Since nicotine is transmitted to the unborn child via the bloodstream, pregnant women should give up smoking without nicotine-containing aids and refrain from taking pills against smoking.

Purchase advice

Nicotine tablets are only available in pharmacies, but do not have to be prescribed by a doctor. How to get smoking cessation tablets without a prescription in any pharmacy. The tablets for smoking cessation are available in doses of 1 to 4 mg nicotine. The amount of the dose to be taken depends on the amount of cigarettes previously smoked. The higher the number of cigarettes smoked, the higher the dosage of the lozenges should be. Less heavy smokers usually get by with a dosage of 2 mg, while the 4 mg version can be recommended for heavy smokers. As a rule, the smoking cessation tablets are taken every two hours from the beginning of the smoking cessation for a period of six weeks. Calculated on the day, eight to 12 nicotine tablets are sucked. Under no circumstances should more than 15 nicotine tablets be consumed per day. Then the number of nicotine candies should be gradually reduced. The main goal is to get by without the lozenges or cigarettes at the end of the therapy. This should usually be the case after ten to twelve weeks. The price of the nicotine lozenges depends on the respective dosage. The cost of the Nicorette 2 mg nicotine sweets is around 23 euros, while the 4 mg version averages 24 euros.

Nicotine tablets: Experience

Many former smokers who successfully quit smoking with the help of nicotine tablets report positive experiences. In particular, the usual withdrawal symptoms, such as lack of concentration, attacks of fatigue and nervousness, would have been reduced enormously during smoking cessation with the help of the nicotine tablets. The taste of the Nicorette, however, takes getting used to. Nevertheless, most users recommend the product because of the positive end result – finally being a non-smoker. Nicorette lozenges are available without a prescription in any pharmacy.
Nicotine lozenges are not only a good alternative to other nicotine preparations, such as nicotine chewing gum or the nicotine spray – they can also be used alternately with these products.

Side effects of Nicotine tablets

Sensitive people may occasionally experience side effects when taking nicotine substitutes. Ingestion can occasionally cause inflammation of the oral mucosa and stomach problems. If you notice these symptoms, you should by no means give up smoking, but rather find out about nicotine-free products.

Nicotine-free quit smoking

As a nicontine-free alternative, Nicotinex can support smoking cessation. The smoking cessation preparation is available in capsule form. It is made in Germany from 100 percent natural ingredients. In order to minimize the withdrawal symptoms during the smoking cessation process, it is recommended to take one capsule each morning and evening. Due to the natural ingredients, there should be no side effects whatsoever during consumption. Like all nicotine replacement products, Nikotinex is available without a prescription in any pharmacy. In addition, quitting smoking with an e-cigarette or the nicotine inhaler can be a suitable alternative to quitting smoking with nicotine tablets.