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The nicotine spray from johnsen & johnsen is a very powerful nicotine replacement and helps by nicotine weaning

If you are serious about quitting smoking, it can make sense to take nicotine replacement therapy just like Nicotine spray.

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The nicotine in the nicotine spray is intended to directly replace the nicotine that the smoker ingests with the cigarette. Other carcinogenic substances that are normally contained in tobacco, such as carbon monoxide or tar, are not included in the nicotine spray. The nicotine level in the smoker’s blood is maintained at the usual level. This makes the transition from smoker to non-smoker much easier. The nicotine withdrawal is significantly reduced by the spray.

Ingredients of Nicotine spray

The most important ingredient in the nicotine spray is of course the nicotine itself. The Nicorette spray contains 1 milligram of nicotine per spray. Other ingredients in the nicotine spray are ethanol, propylene glycol, trometamol, glycerol, poloxamer, levomenthol, flavorings, sodium hydrogen carbonate, mint flavor, acesulfame potassium, sucralose, purified water and hydrochloric acid, which is important for the pH value.

Is nicotine spray harmful?

The nicotine spray shouldn’t be inhaled directly. The oral mucosa already absorbs the nicotine contained in the spray.

People who are under 18 years of age should not use the Nicorette Anti Smoking Spray. It is also not recommended to use the spray during pregnancy and breastfeeding. If it is not otherwise possible, a doctor should always be consulted.

The use of the spray is not recommended for some illnesses:

  • If you have had a heart attack
  • A stroke in the last 3 months
  • Or if you have angina
  • Heart disease

It shouldn’t be used more than 64 times a day. The nicotine spray is also not recommended for people who suffer from hypertension or are prone to allergic reactions. The same applies to an existing or overcome alcohol dependence, as the smoke spray contains pure alcohol (ethanol).

Chances of success

If you want to quit smoking, the will to become a non-smoker yourself is very important. Once you have made the decision, you have a very good chance of success with the smoke-free spray. The desire to smoke is with the nicotine spray, greatly reduced. If you use one or two puffs of the Nicotinespray, the desire for a new cigarette disappears after just 60 seconds.

The success rate that the withdrawal succeeds increases by a factor of 2.5. The likelihood of being able to remain non-smokers in the long term is also much higher. The Nicorette spray scores relatively well in a nicotine spray test.

In a nutshell: advantages of nicotine sprays

  • Nicotine sprays provide a substitute for nicotine
  • Suitable for smokers with low to moderate nicotine addiction
  • There are sprays with different strengths
  • It is very easy to use: just take a deep drag if necessary

Cons of sprays

  • not suitable for smokers with strong nicotine dependence
  • Kann zu Reizungen im Mund, Husten oder Schluckauf f├╝hren


Nicotine spray usage explained.

How to use Nicotine spray

Sometimes when you decide to quit smoking, you get cravings for a cigarette again. As soon as you feel this desire, you can use the Nicorette spray, you spray the smoking cessation spray into your oral cavity, and after 60 seconds the desire will decrease.

How long does the spray last?

The Nicorette Spray comes in a practical lifestyle format and is sufficient for a total of 150 sprays. The quit smoking spray is intended for 12 week therapy.

Usage restrictions

There are some clinical pictures in which the nicotine spray should not be used or only to a limited extent. This applies to women who are pregnant or who are currently breastfeeding. It also applies to people suffering from angina pectoris or heart disease. Then it applies to patients with high blood pressure and allergy sufferers. Likewise for people who were or are addicted to alcohol. In addition, it is not recommended for young people under the age of 18.

Overdose possible?

There is a risk of overdosing. This is possible if normal cigarettes are smoked in addition to the non-smoking spray. It is also possible if you accidentally take too large a dose. Then the Nicorette spray can also be harmful.

Side effects

Common Nicorette Spray side effects include hiccups, headache, nausea, and irritation in the throat. Often there is also dryness or inflammation in the mouth. You may also experience abdominal pain or indigestion. Occasionally, nasal congestion or frequent sneezing occurs.

Sometimes a rash also develops, weakness or malaise. Also described as nicotine spray side effects are bleeding gums or an irregular heartbeat. Swallowing difficulties or gagging in the throat area can occur very rarely.

Another Nicotine spray with 1mg nicotine.

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How is the spray dosed?

If you feel an acute desire to smoke, you should spray about 1 to 2 puffs every 30 to 60 minutes. Per hour are not more than 4 sprays recommended.

What dosage do I use for myself?

More than 64 times a day it shouldn’t be used. Therapy should not last longer than 12 weeks. In general, the dosage depends on the number of cigarettes you smoked each day.

How much nicotine do I need?

With the Nicorettespray you take in approx. 1 mg nicotine per spray. So you shouldn’t consume more than 4 mg of nicotine per hour.

Price & cost of nicotine spray

The Nicorette Spray costs $33 each. If you buy a double pack, you pay $48. This is significantly cheaper than paying for cigarettes on a regular basis. You can buy the Nicorette Spray in local pharmacies and in online pharmacies. With a Nicorette Spray price comparison, it makes sense to pay attention to current online offers.

On the Internet you can find an average nicotine spray price of $17 to $24 per bottle.

Nicotine spray experience

Many customers have positive experiences with Nicorette Spray when they want to quit smoking. The spray often acts as an aid in trying to actually get rid of the cigarettes. It’s easy to operate and use. Customers feel that they have to get used to using the spray first. The light peppermint flavor of the spray is praised by many customers. Customers are very satisfied with the recommended dosage. The spray relieves withdrawal symptoms such as nervousness.

Even customers who have been smoking for a very long time, 25 – 38 years of age, manage to quit smoking within a certain period of time with the help of the nicotine spray. After the nicotine spray experience, they say that the addictive pressure is noticeably reduced.

Without will, spray only helps to a limited extent

But customers also think that you really have to have the will to quit smoking. Otherwise the spray doesn’t really help either. Many customers are happy to recommend the nicotine spray to others.

However, there are also nicotine spray reviews where customers are less satisfied with the nicotine spray. The taste is described as unpleasant, and some customers even vomit after using the spray. They also consider the spray too expensive in terms of price.

To really quit smoking, some customers think that the nicotine patches are more suitable overall. According to some customers, there is also the risk of becoming dependent on the nicotine spray instead of cigarettes. In the Nicorette Spray Forum, customers can also get important tips and experiences. Here you can also find information about the Nicorette Spray Test.

Tips to make it easier to quit smoking with Nicotine spray

If you really want to quit smoking, there are some quit smoking tips to help you.

At the beginning there has to be the personal will to really stop. It is important to change your personal behavior in the long term, even in stressful everyday situations.

  • The smoker should keep a journal and write down any situations in which he quickly picks up a cigarette. As an example, you might call someone you have arguments with and then quickly pick up your cigarette. In the weaning phase you should try to avoid these situations as completely as possible. (In this case: do not answer the phone, postpone the call or end the call).
  • The smoker should explain to family members, friends and colleagues that they want to stop smoking. The others can support you or they may have useful tips ready themselves.
  • The first day of abstinence should be precisely set with a date.
  • Nicotine spray, nicotine inhaler, nicotine chewing gum, e-cigarette or other aids should be ready at all times.
  • The smoker should make a plan of what activities he likes to do and what he would like to do or undertake in his withdrawal phase.
  • Withdrawal symptoms should be seen as a positive sign that the withdrawal is working well.
  • Quitting smoking can save you a lot of money. You can make a plan of what good things can be done with the money saved.
  • In general, you should always try to look positively into the future. If you have to think about a cigarette, you should try to think of a nice day in nature, a nice memory or a delicious meal instead. The less you think about cigarettes, the less tempting you are.

Nicotine Spray FAQ

Can you combine nicotine replacement products?

It is entirely possible to combine individual nicotine replacement products with one another. The Nicorette spray can be combined very well with the TX patches from the same manufacturer. The so-called Nicorette Combi Therapy uses the advantages of both remedies. When combining different agents, you should always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for use. If you don’t follow the recommendations, there is a risk of overdose. The Nicorette Spray alternative is of course not harmful either.

How long will the treatment take?

The recommended duration of therapy is a total of 6 weeks.

Are there any nicotine-free means to quit smoking?

There are also nicotine-free ways to quit smoking. This includes the well-known means Nicotinex capsules. The active ingredients contained, such as caffeine and maca powder, have a stimulating effect and make it easier to do without nicotine from the cigarette. These capsules also have a very high success rate.