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nicorette gum with 2mg active ingredient and 105 pieces and original flavour.

Quit smoking with Nicotine chewing gum

The first step to becoming a non-smoker is not easy, not even with the help of nicotine gum. First of all, it has to happen in your head that you make the decision not to become a smoker. You have to develop a very strong will and be convinced to give up harmful smoking. You must also begin to identify yourself as a non-smoker. The withdrawal symptoms, which are not so severe, are present with nicotine replacement products such as nicotine chewing gum, nicotine inhalers or nicotine tablets.


The compositions are different: There are three categories:

With 2 mg, 4 mg nicotine and also with a fruit or mint flavor. Smoking and chewing gum are often interpreted in this way: fewer cigarettes every day, but slowly more chewing gum.

4 mg nicotine gum was developed for smokers who are heavily dependent. Withdrawal symptoms with just 2 mg of nicotine gum will be much more pronounced. Smoking chewing gum is tolerable, but not at the same time, chewing gum and a cigarette in the mouth are not possible. Typical withdrawal symptoms: Severe nervousness due to inner restlessness, increased aggressiveness combined with irritability. Concentration decreases, sleep disorders occur and an increased appetite becomes noticeable.

nicorette gum with 4 mg nicotine, 105 pieces and sugar free. extra strength


The positive effect occurs when the nicotine is absorbed by the oral mucosa. Slow chewing is therefore extremely important.

I don’t recommend chewing nicotine gum and smoking at the same time. Otherwise, this means a doubling of nicotine intake. In the following I explain the side effects in detail.

Success depends on how many cigarettes you smoke each day. You have to choose the nicotine dose accordingly. Chewing gum with 2 mg is classified as lightly dosed. In plain English it means that if less than 20 cigarettes have been consumed, this chewing gum is enough. Those who cannot do without cigarettes completely, i.e. who smoke with chewing gum, can live with this type of nicotine chewing gum. Many interested smokers ask themselves that nicotine gum really helps.

Advantages and disadvantages of Nicotine chewing gum

2 mg

Pros: Low dosage for less heavy smokers, pretty much
good tolerance, the withdrawal is easier to carry out.
The downside is that a reduction in withdrawal symptoms cannot be guaranteed. Chewing gum and smoking can help alleviate withdrawal.

4 mg

The high dosage, which is ideal for heavy smokers, is advantageous. Yes chewing gum; however, only smoke minimally if the chewing gum is insufficient. The disadvantage is that the large amount of nicotine is not optimal and you won’t reach 100% tolerance. This chewing gum is probably not sufficient for very heavy smokers, but the first step has been taken and the therapy will take longer.

General explanations

Flavored nicotine chewing gum is good for the people who are not fans of chewing gum and who are outwitted with a different taste, so to speak. The pleasant taste when chewing is of course effective, the actual taste of the nicotine gum does not prevail. The smoker who does not like the tastes offered has to complain about disadvantages. Often the “foreign” taste doesn’t last long. Chewing gum and cigarettes are still the best way out for many smokers. However, chewing gum and smoking with both activities will take an unnecessarily long time to reach the goal of quitting smoking.


How much nicotine do i need?

That depends on the cigarette consumption of the smoker, 2 mg is enough for the infrequent smoker, while heavy smokers have to get by with 4 mg of nicotine chewing gum. There is no higher amount of nicotine in chewing gum.

How do I use nicotine gum correctly?

To take full advantage of the chewing gum you have to chew slowly for 30 minutes. My recommendation is to distribute nicotine gum throughout the day at the beginning. You shouldn’t take more than 12 pieces. A maximum, but really a maximum of 16 pieces may be chewed, no more. The dose can only be reduced after 4 at most 12 weeks; that goes up to 2 nicotine gum a day. The nicotine gum is completely discontinued after three to six months. Many people will quit smoking but will keep chewing gum for a few weeks. Some tips are useful: After chewing ten times, you should definitely pause, leave the gum between the cheek and gums. When the taste is no longer that intense, continue chewing slowly, but no longer than 30 minutes.


Disturbances can occur in the nervous system, in the gastrointestinal tract. The circulatory system with palpitations and the skin, such as hives, for example, may be affected. Local side effects such as irritation in the mouth, even up to the throat area are possible; the jaw muscles ache. Those who have dentures will often get annoyed when the nicotine gum sticks to their teeth. Allergic reactions and swellings can appear.

The user has to expect nicotine gum side effects. Overdosing in light smokers can occur if smoking and chewing gum are combined. Treat the overdose like poisoning. Typical signs are a drop in blood pressure and temperature, shortness of breath, and possibly hearing and visual disturbances. In some cases cramps occur. In this case, you need to spit out the nicotine gum immediately. If symptoms do not subside, take immediate action and seek medical advice.

 flavoured cinnamon, 2 mg nicotine and 100 pieces
nicotine gum Cinnamon flavored

Usage restrictions

In some illnesses nicotine chewing gum isn’t advisable:

  • in the case of narrowing of the coronary arteries
  • high blood pressure
  • cerebral vascular diseases

Circulatory disorders, overactive thyroid, diabetes, liver and kidney damage are of course diseases that are incompatible with the consumption of nicotine gum. Pregnant women also belong to this group of people. Consultation with a doctor is useful in an emergency.

Nicotine chewing gum side effects

Nicorette chewing gum side effects: Headache, cold symptoms occur more often. Itching, burning, edema, such as hives or a “pinch” were noted. Frequent side effects are sleep disturbances, dizziness, general gastrointestinal complaints, flatulence and palpitations. Some users complained about taste disorders. Nervousness, concentration disorders are also recognizable as nicotine gum side effects. The Nicorette chewing gum experiences agree with the explanation of the side effects. Headaches are more common. Other side effects depend on the physical condition of the smoker.

Buy nicotine gum: purchase advice

Nicotine gums are suitable for occasional smokers. Nicotine chewing gums alternatively bridge the normal “possibility of smoking”. If you strictly follow the instructions for use, success is certain.

Which flavor is right for me?

You can choose mint or fruit flavors. Freshfruit, mint or whitemint are the common names. There are also Alternatives without Sugar.

Cost: Where can I buy nicotine gum?

Nicotine chewing gum price: The lowest nicotine chewing gum price is $0.21 piece for 2 mg Nicotinell with mint flavor.

You can buy nicotine chewing gum in the pharmacy, these products are available in various sales outlets: Nicotine chewing gum is available in drugstores. The pharmacy is the first point of contact that every consumer spontaneously thinks of.

Nicotine gum experiences:

The nicotine gum experiences are positive. It can be seen from the sources mentioned that some test persons managed to get off nicotine in this way. Experience has shown that the 4 mg nicotine chewing gum is too strong for smokers who do not consume much cigarettes. Some people get used to the nicotine chewing gum, which according to experience and the statements of the experts does not cause any strain on the lungs.

Nicotine chewing gum is therefore not as damaging to health as cigarettes. Every smoker has to find the nicotine gum experience for himself, because every body reacts differently. According to some empirical values, you first use chewing gum with 4mg and then you dose down to 2mg as needed. Slowly reduce the active ingredient in order to keep the withdrawal symptoms as low as possible so that, in the best of cases, one day you will not feel any craving for nicotine at all.

fruit chill flavour gum, 2 mg nicotine and 160 pieces.

Nicotine chewing gum FAQ

Can you combine nicotine gum with other products?

The combination of nicotine patches and nicotine chewing gum is optimal, or nicotine patches and nicotine spray. The combinations are suitable for carrying out efficient therapy. Patches and chewing gum are optimal together; the patches ensure that the nicotine is slowly and evenly guided into the blood.

The nicotine chewing gums are responsible for ensuring that there is no desire to smoke. Many people rate nicotine lozenges positively. The special lozenges are suitable for medium and heavy smokers, that is, in terms of numbers, smoking 10 to 25 cigarettes a day. The lozenges are also available in different flavors and active ingredients.

Can nicotine gum prevent weight gain?

Nicotine chewing gum explicitly prevents weight gain, this fact has been scientifically proven. However, weight gain is not remotely as dangerous as daily cigarette consumption. Weight is easier to lose than quitting smoking.

However, nicotine gum does not make you gain weight unless your metabolism changes due to the reduced nicotine, which leads to heish hunger and you eat an excessive amount of food. At this point I recommend sugar-free chewing gum.

gum, fruit chill flavoured, 4 mg nicotine, coated and 20 pieces.
How long can i take chewing gum?

The intake can be unlimited, but you should calculate at least six months until the smoker has finally mutated into a non-smoker.

Are there any nicotine-free means to quit smoking?

For example, Nico Bloxx does not contain nicotine, but it is only effective if the smoker is convinced to give up smoking.

Does nicotine gum make me addicted??

Yes, there are people who are actually addicted to nicotine gum. Hypnosis and acupuncture are helpful therapies.

Are nicotine gum harmful?

It is not harmful to a healthy person. Nicotine chewing gum is harmful to people who suffer from certain diseases.

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nicotine chewing gum instead of cigarettes

Nicotine gum test

This test is helpful to point the user to the right product for him:
2 mg nicotine chewing gum with the “freshfruit” taste is optimal to use with 105 pieces of the package. If you want to quit smoking, you can definitely try this preparation.

Nicorette 4 mg with the whitemint taste also makes it easier for heavy smokers to quit. The amount of nicotine relieves the withdrawal symptoms. Users recommend this version. Nicotinell chewing gum with the flavor Spearmint 2 mg is helpful because this chewing gum hardly differs from conventional “normal” chewing gum. Gradual weaning is usually successful; For some users, this preparation has already led to smoking.

Withdrawal symptoms occur more intensely without the help of nicotine gum or substitutes. With the help of nicotine chewing gum, the withdrawal symptoms are listed as side effects, but they are by no means as severe as when the smoker suddenly gives up cigarettes. In these cases, the withdrawal symptoms are far stronger and more threatening than the side effects. You are still adding nicotine to the body, but you are not stressing the lungs.. However, it makes sense if the smoker can completely do without nicotine gum after a certain period of time. The endeavor should be to slowly work towards complete withdrawal from nicotine. The desire to smoke should no longer be suppressed after a certain point in time, but should no longer be present at all.

Nikoitine chewing gum: ingredients and active ingredients

They are actually conventional chewing gum, but they contain an additional active ingredient, nicotine. The cigarette contains 12 mg of nicotine, of which a smoker absorbs up to 3 mg through the lungs. In addition, the chewing gum base, flavor and sugar substitutes are part of the special chewing gum. Sugar is usually not used to protect the smoker from further damage to health. Flavor versions ensure the individual taste of the user. The nicotine chewing gum, for example with a smoking substitute such as to combine the e-cigarette.

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