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Nico Bloxx capsules for quit smoking.

What are Nico Bloxx (kudzu capsules)?

Nico Bloxx (Kudzu Capsules) are capsules that help smokers quit by combating psychological and physical withdrawal symptoms. In addition to nicotine patches, spray or lozenges, they are a good way to become a nicotine-free non-smoker.

Ingredients of the Nico Bloxx capsules

The active ingredients of the kudzu plant contained in Nico Bloxx prevent withdrawal symptoms. They attach themselves to the body’s nerve receptors and thus calm the smoker during withdrawal. In addition, the capsules have a mood-enhancing effect and give a positive feeling. As a result, the desire for cigarettes decreases sharply and is hardly noticeable in the long term. Dopamine levels are increased by the release of happiness hormones in the brain, which makes you feel happy. This counteracts possible side effects of withdrawal such as depression, tiredness or depression. Nico Bloxx contains the following ingredients:

  • Pueraria lobata powder
  • Isomalt
  • microcrystalline cellulose
  • Edible fatty acids
  • Magnesium salts of fatty acids
  • Maltodextrin
How do you use the capsules?

The manufacturer recommends chewing one kudzu capsule with water three times a day. At best, morning and evening after a meal. If you have a particularly strong desire, you can take up to 2 capsules per day. You should always drink enough water so that the effects can fully unfold and the pollutants are removed again. So the kidney is not stressed.

You should start usage 2 weeks before weaning and continued up to 6 weeks after the last cigarette. You should take the capsules as regularly as possible to get the effect. Basically, you should have made the decision to quit smoking before taking the capsules.

How do the Nico Bloxx Kudzu capsules work?

When taking Nico Bloxx (Kudzu capsules), your physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms are combated. When there is an addiction, new receptors form in the human brain and these have to be supplied with the addictive substance again and again. If the addictive substance, in this case nicotine, isn’t added to the body for too long, the receptors sound the alarm. Nico Bloxx blocks these receptors, which means that you can no longer feel the need for the addictive substance.

In the case of psychological addiction, the happiness hormone dopamine is released. That means: every time a smoker smokes a cigarette, he feels a moment of happiness. With the capsules, the dopamine level is raised by certain ingredients, including nicotine-like substances.

Many people also smoke in particularly stressful and uncomfortable situations or to calm down after a stressful day. The capsules also contain some calming substances that reduce the stress level as a preventive measure and thus prevent a stress-related relapse. A feeling of well-being and warmth is also released when ingested, which significantly reduces the desire for the addictive substance.

Since you aren’t irritated and nervous, the craving for cigarettes is reduced. However, the habit of reaching for a cigarette itself has to be stopped, as the tablets can alleviate withdrawal symptoms, but can’t completely change a person’s habits. Nico Bloxx can, however, be of great help here.

Many smokers, however, resort to the glowing stick out of habit. This bridges the waiting time at the train station or when taking a walk. Nico Bloxx supports withdrawal and helps with withdrawal. However, the smoker himself has to make the decision to quit and consciously decide against reaching for a cigarette.

Who is Nico Bloxx for?

Nico Bloxx capsules are basically suitable for all smokers. It satisfies the addiction with natural, nicotine-like and calming ingredients. These alleviate withdrawal symptoms or even prevent them completely.

The capsules are NOT suitable for

  • Pregnant women
  • Nursing mothers
  • Teenager
  • People with allergies to the ingredients

Advantages and disadvantages of the capsules


  • No more need to smoke
  • Detoxification of the body
  • Cheaper than cigarettes
  • Increased vitality
  • Simple usage
  • Effective after just a few days


  • No guarantee of success
Which side effects can occur?

Nico Bloxx tablets have no serious side effects to speak of as they are 100% natural. Unwanted side effects can only occur if you overdose or if you are hypersensitive for ingredients. The increased nicotine content (e.g. in matcha powder) stimulates the metabolism, which leads to an increased urge to urinate. A nicotine overdose can cause dizziness and an increase in heart rate.

The caffeine it contains can also promote interactions with heart medication or blood pressure medication, which is why taking it should be discussed with a doctor beforehand.

Quality features of kudzu capsules

The capsules are made in Germany. which ensures that all requirements for dietary supplements are met. Only natural and high-quality raw materials are processed and it’s ensured that the capsules do not contain any harmful substances. The product is very high quality due to the high quality standard in Germany.

Kudzu capsules: where to buy Nico Bloxx

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What does the product cost?

There are sets with 1 pack (a total of 30 capsules), 2 packs (a total of 60 capsules) and 3 packs (a total of 90 capsules). The set with the 3 packs is of course particularly suitable, as you should take the product over a longer period of time in order to achieve the best results and to effectively and sustainably quit smoking. This set is also the cheapest at 34.90 euros. This corresponds to 1.16 euros per day with the recommended daily amount of 3 capsules per day.

However, if you want to convince yourself of the effectiveness of Nico Bloxx, you can also purchase one pack for 14.50 euros or two packs for 25.00 euros. With the recommended 3 capsules, these cost 1.45 euros per day (set with one pack) or 1.25 euros (set with two packs).

The order also includes a CD “Non-smoker in 7 days” worth 49.90 euros. Shipping is 3.90 euros.

Experience with Nico Bloxx

There is not enough experience to infer the mass of individual cases. It is important to note that individual opinions represent few isolated cases. Withdrawal works differently for every smoker. Other users may experience different effects.

In addition, Nico Bloxx is not to be seen as a miracle cure for quitting smoking. An independent decision to quit smoking must be actively made in advance. Nico Bloxx can only help with smoking cessation after such a decision has been made.

Nico Bloxx alternative

The best alternative to the Nico Bloxx capsules is the comparison winner NIKOTINEX. The capsules are also nicotine-free and have an above-average success rate and are particularly well tolerated.

Other nicotine-free alternatives are Smokette, Nicorex, Nicosol, Smoke Ex, Smoksan, Smokilox or Smoxil.

Nico Bloxx: Conclusion on the kudzu capsules

The Nico Bloxx capsules, which are widespread especially in Asia, help with natural ingredients to alleviate possible withdrawal symptoms such as nervousness or irritability during weaning. The smoker is also supported in changing their habits by avoiding the symptoms of withdrawal.

Nico Bloxx makes smoking cessation much easier.