Ingredients of a cigarette: That is what makes the cigarette so dangerous

Ingredients of a cigarette

The ingredients of a cigarette contain many toxic substances. In total, one cigarette contains over 40 toxins, which are responsible for the well-known negative consequences for health. The main reason for the high potential for addiction when smoking is above all nicotine.

the way of the nicotine from cigarette into brain
Way of the Nicotine into the Brain


The nicotine in the cigarette is the natural poison of the tobacco plant to ward off pests and predators. When smoking, nicotine passes through the lungs via the bloodstream and directly into the brain. This process only takes a very short time.

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toxic ammonia is in cigarettes


Ammonia is a colorless gas which is very pungent and poisonous. It is also responsible for the smoky taste when smoking and greatly accelerates nicotine absorption. Mainly because of the fat-dissolving property of the gas, damage to the cell membrane occurs as it is penetrated quickly and easily.

Acetaldehyd is one of the ingredientses of cigarettes


To the tobacco sugar is added to improve the smoking experience. This creates Acetaldehyde when burned. It’s a colorless, numbing liquid that increases the addictiveness of cigarettes.

tar is toxic and ingredients of cigarettes

Tar is one of the Ingredients of a cigarette

Tar is a liquid hydrocarbon mixture and very carcinogenic. It also clogs the cilia in the lungs and, along with other toxins, causes respiratory problems. For this reason, smokers are often affected by COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and lung cancer. The chances of an agonizing death due to anxiety due to massive shortness of breath increase hereditary. It often happens that those affected end up dying of a heart attack, because a sick lungs overwhelm the heart.


Heavy metals

Cigarettes contain heavy metals such as lead, mercury and cadmium. These are highly toxic and attack the brain’s metabolism. This ingredient in the cigarette is also absolutely unhealthy.

menthol is mixed into cigarettes to make them more comfortable to smoke


Most people only know menthol when it comes to special menthol cigarettes. However, menthol is also an additive to conventional cigarettes. This improves the taste of the tobacco and ensures that the smoke is more bearable, which can be inhaled better. This makes it easier for young smokers to get on and makes it harder for older smokers to get out.

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