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different versions of e-cigarettes and their structure

The e-cigarette is trendy and seen as an alternative to cigarettes. But what is behind the e-cigarette and how does it work?

What is an e-cigarette?

An e-cigarette is a type of cigarette that contains a liquid. When the device is activated it’s heated and evaporated. This heating takes place via a small heating coil. This is located inside the e-cigarette. The resulting wet steam is responsible for the smoke that forms. Compared to a normal cigarette, there is no combustion process.

Visually, the e-cigarette differs quite a lot from the normal cigarette. The shape of the e-cigarette is significantly thicker. It also has an innovative design and is available in different colors depending on the case color. It can be said that the shape of the e-cigarette is similar to a ballpoint pen.

The interest in e-cigarettes has now risen sharply. This is also thanks to the assessment of the health authorities, who rate the consumption of liquids as less dangerous than nicotine. However, the experts do not quite agree on the health threat posed by the consumption of the liquids. Some experts only speak of a 95 percent lower health threat compared to nicotine consumption. Others even assume that the health threat is even lower.

Components and functionality of the e-cigarette

So the opinions are very different. In order to understand the opinions more precisely, it is worthwhile to take a closer look at how e-cigarettes work. It is important to know what type of e-cigarette it is. The ways e-cigarettes work are different. With some models they are based on the evaporator principle, with others the liquid or the battery are in the foreground of the functionality. It is about the supply voltage and its regulation.

There are also disposable systems. They are rarely used and not advisable. These are so-called cig-a-likes, which imitate conventional filter cigarettes. In addition, there are also so-called e-shishas, ​​which also fall into this category. These also stand out due to their colorful design. They also contain sweet fragrances, but usually no nicotine. Most e-cigarettes have a refillable vaporizer and a battery mod. The vaporizer is connected to the battery by a thread. In this way, the two parts of the device are easy to exchange and can be combined again and again. You only have to pay attention to the thread.


This liquid also contains components such as propylene glycol, glycerine and water and a small amount of aromas. The concentrations are a bit different, however. In addition, compared to the smoke machines, the liquids only contain aromas and, depending on the mixture, nicotine. The maximum nicotine value in the liquids is around 20 milligrams per milliliter. Liquids with a higher concentration of nicotine are unsuitable for direct consumption. Experienced e-cigarette smokers even stretch the liquids and mix them with other substances. However, this requires a precise approach.

The charging station display for the battery is also part of the functionality of e-cigarettes. Thanks to this display, you can see at a glance how long the e-cigarette can still be used. Depending on the quality and shape of the e-cigarette, it can also be used while the battery is charging. This means that there is no need to take a break. If you want to buy such an e-cigarette, you should pay attention to the term passthrough mode.

E-cigarette: Function

Air draft control is also decisive for the function of an e-cigarette. The e-cigarettes, which often emerge as test winners in a direct comparison, are the e-cigarettes, which have a variable setting of the draft resistance. This can be between 1 watt and 100 watts. Depending on the model, this bandwidth can also be smaller. This function also affects the intensity of the steam clouds, as does the temperature control.

The models in which the power and resistance are constant and cannot be adjusted are usually entry-level models. What should be paid attention to with the functions is the presence of a child safety device. This prevents the tank in which the liquid is located from being accidentally opened. An integrated short-circuit and overcharge circuit should also be present on the e-cigarette.

How it actually works

The vaporizer integrated in the e-cigarette has a vaporizer head. Several small heating coils are integrated in this. The evaporator head receives its energy from a rechargeable battery. This is able to bring the heating coils to the right temperature. When the liquid reaches the wire via the carrier material (cotton wool), it’s heated and turns into steam. With some devices, you can fine-tune the airflow channel. This means that when the user pulls on the e-cigarette and simultaneously presses the button to activate the heating coil, this drives the air flow. This enables the “puffing” or “breathing in” the mist.


Another essential part of how an e-cigarette works, which you should know about, is the interaction between the vaporizer and the storage tank. The storage tank is part of the evaporator. The liquid is in the storage tank. The transport of the liquid into the evaporator works according to the vacuum principle. Some models also use the capillary effect.

There are also models that do not have a tank. These models are called drip evaporators and depot evaporators. Here the liquid is poured directly onto the heating coil in the form of drops. With a drip vaporizer model, around twenty puffs are possible on the e-cigarette. With the depot models, there are up to 100 trains. And with both models, liquid must be added again for the next puffs.


There are e-cigarettes with different battery sizes. With some of these batteries, the voltage can be regulated, which is usually 3.7 V. There are also models that have a variable volt mode. Settings from 3.3 to 4.8 V are possible here. The batteries are usually 12 millimeters to 19 millimeters thick and often have a double thread located at the contact end.

The vaporizer button has an external thread. This is compatible with the common 510 threads and the eGo evaporator. In addition, the battery mod can also be changed by a variable voltage or power. This is possible via a corresponding electronic circuit that has a circuit. When it comes to unregulated battery mods, no additional electronics are integrated into them. With these, the battery voltage is passed directly to the spiral. The handling of these battery carriers is a little more difficult. These e-cigarettes should only be used by experienced users, as they are not that easy to use.

E-cigarette: The mouthpiece

Another component of an e-cigarette is also very important for the functionality. It is the mouthpiece of the e-cigarette, the so-called drip tip. The mouthpieces made of glass or stainless steel are considered to be very hygienic. Wooden models are also popular and widespread. Plastic mouthpieces are considered less practical and hygienic but they’re cheaper.

The replenishment of the liquids is very important for the functioning of the e-cigarette. This must always be guaranteed. If this breaks off, a dry hit or dry puff occurs. In this case, the aroma is slightly burnt. To prevent this, it is very important that the depot is always well filled with liquid. Otherwise the heating coil cannot get the cooling it needs and only a small part of the liquid is evaporated. If there is not enough liquid in the tank, the heating element may overheat. Otherwise, the liquid will decompose and acrolein can be formed, which irritates the mucous membranes.

Is there a difference between an e-cigarette and a vaporizer?

This question comes up often, especially with beginners, and it has to be answered very briefly and concisely: yes and no. Basically, an e-cigarette was developed to vaporize liquids. The liquids consist of propylene glycol (E 1520), glycerine (422), water and food flavorings. Liquid is available both with and without nicotine.

Vaporizers do not differ in the way they work from conventional e-cigarettes. But unlike e-cigarettes, vaporizers were developed to vaporize herbs or plants instead of liquids. In the meantime, however, most vaporizer models can also vaporize liquids (such as oils), resins or waxes.

While e-cigarettes are often used by former smokers, vaporizers are mainly used when consuming canabis or CBD oils.

Which is the best e-cigarette?

Are you looking for the best or ideal e-cigarette for you? Then you should make a good choice. Because in Germany alone you can choose from around 10,000 different models and products. The range of e-cigarettes is also growing steadily. This means that new brands are always being added and established brands are always bringing out new models. Ultimately, however, you can limit the selection if you think about your personal needs in advance, which should be covered by the e-cigarette.

How do you find the best e-cigarette?

When looking for the ideal e-cigarette, the main question you should ask yourself is where and how often you want to use it. Do you want to use the e-cigarette often or only rarely? Do you want to use the e-cigarette on the go or rather at home? As a beginner or switch, you should also choose an entry-level model. There are also devices for “occasional vaping” and premium e-cigarettes if you use them particularly often. When choosing, you have to pay attention to so-called basic criteria as well as product criteria and prices. You should also take a very good look at the designs of the cases. Because the e-cigarette will of course accompany you much longer than a nicotine cigarette.

One of the basic criteria is that you either have to choose a model with a vaporizer with or without a replaceable head. The models with a disposable atomizer are particularly simple and inexpensive. Note, however, that you have to replace the entire part. Because the heating coils and the liquid carriers cannot be removed from these models. The RBA and SWVD models mean that the carrier and the heating coil can be exchanged.

e-cigarette with charging station in texas flag style.
Which e-cigarette is suitable for beginners?

If you are currently smoking nicotine but want to switch to vaping, you should choose an entry-level model. To get started, use a model that is as free of technical gimmicks as possible so that you can practice using the e-cigarette. Then you can concentrate on the essentials that will be new to you, namely the liquids, the nicotine strengths and the actual vaping. The compact models have the advantage that they are empty more quickly. In this way, you can try your hand at the liquids very quickly. Note, however, that the entry-level models usually do not have large batteries and no complex technology is built into the battery carrier. The operation of these devices is correspondingly simple.

The so-called “Zigalikes” are also very suitable for beginners. These are small devices which, by the way, are an optical homage to the real tobacco cigarette. However, these products are not designed to provide a complete vaping experience. With these devices the development of steam is very limited. The flavors that are available for it are also quite limited.

The best e-cigarette for every day

If you are a smoker and now want to switch, an e-cigarette starter kit is a good choice. These are kept very compact and ideal for traveling. These models have a good battery with which you can enjoy real steam pleasure for a few hours. Here, however, you should make sure that the battery is a battery with a pass-through function. If an e-cigarette has this function, you can use the e-cigarette even when the battery is being charged. Otherwise, you should think about purchasing an additional battery. These e-cigarettes have a refillable tank. A lot of liquid fits into this tank. Therefore, you don’t have to refill this e-cigarette after every third or fourth swipe.

Are there any e-cigarettes that are suitable for CBD?

Would you like to vape CBD? This is one of the cannabinoids, i.e. an extract of the hemp plant with a non-intoxicating effect compared to DBS. You don’t need a special e-cigarette to vape CBD. However, it is recommended that you use an e-cigarette for this, which has a higher power and can therefore produce more vapor. E-cigarettes with a battery carrier are also suitable, on which you can set an individual wattage and also the temperature.

Smoking cessation – which e-cigarette is the best for this?

The reason you usually switch to e-cigarettes is because you want to quit smoking. You should know here that you don’t need a special e-cigarette for this, but rather a certain liquid. In fact, it should be a liquid that contains nicotine, in different strengths. When you start quitting smoking, you should therefore buy an e-cigarette starter set and a nicotine-containing liquid. It is doubtful that you can make the switch directly without vaping nicotine. you should rather proceed in such a way that you choose a liquid in which you then reduce the nicotine strength week after week. If you want to try a nicotine-free liquid after all, you can add nicotine shots or nicotine salts to it if you notice that it doesn’t work after all.

If you’d rather get away from smoking or vaping completely, nicotine replacement therapy may be your means to success. In addition to nicotine spray, nicotine chewing gum, nicotine tablets, nicotine inhalers or the classic nicotine patch, you can also use natural, nicotine-free non-smoking capsules.

Are you a baking steamer? Then you should choose this e-cigarette

The steam universe is diverse. There are users who are “lung vaporizers”. Others are “baking steamers”. There are two types of vaping. There is no need to explain what a lung steamer is. But what is baking steam? This is the most common steam method. The steam is first drawn into the mouth and then passed on to the lungs or exhaled again. If you vape on your lungs with the e-cigarette, you save yourself a stop in the mouth. But only a small number of e-cigarette users do that! Most of the “lung steamers” also live in Asia. In order to be able to “vape on the cheek”, you don’t need a special e-cigarette in case that’s what you mean. There is of course a certain technique if you want to inhale a lot of vapor. Ideally, you use an e-cigarette with a sub-ohm vaporizer.

The best e-cigarette for the professional

If you are already familiar with e-cigarette liquids, you are usually one of the more demanding users of e-cigarettes. In this case, you should buy an e-cigarette with a lot of power that can generate a lot of vapor. You can also buy various high-performance batteries in combination with a dual-coil vaporizer. This is an evaporator with a double evaporator head. These e-cigarettes are of course very compact and fit in any trouser or jacket pocket. As a professional, you can of course also opt for self-winding products. These allow you to vape individually. You can also put together the mouthpiece yourself for these products.


Depending on whether you are a beginner or already a professional, you should opt for appropriately declared models. Make sure that the actual enjoyment is not related to the shape of the e-cigarette. You also have to make a good choice when it comes to liquids so that you can find the right product. Pay attention to the origin of the products. You shouldn’t pay attention to the price of the products alone. Above all, you should look at the quality and where the products come from. Only then can you expect a high level of enjoyment from e-cigarettes.

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