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About me, author and founder of smoke-free.info

Hi, this is about me, Alexander K.

Founder, Author and former smoker.

Here I pass on my knowledge from years of work as a coach to quit smoking. I’ve helped many people become non-smokers. And it is exactly this knowledge that I try to convey in a simple and compact way on this platform and to help people achieve their own personal quit smoking. When I think about how much I smoked before, I get really dizzy.

On normal weekday days, I smoked at least one pack a day, and even more on weekends. Whether at parties, on the way to work, for coffee or during the lunch break after dinner. For me, smoking was just a habit. I smoked to relax and I just couldn’t imagine how I would be able to become a non-smoker. I started early too, when I got my first cigarette I was 13.

But one day when I went to the doctor, he told me that I had to stop smoking immediately, as I was hereditary and already had a higher risk of lung cancer. Up until that point, I always thought to myself: “How bad can smoking be for your health. There are heavy smokers who have turned 90 anyway. ”But for my wife, whom I love more than anything else in the world, I made the decision to quit smoking. Like every smoker, I was aware of all the disadvantages: it stinks, the teeth turn yellow, bad breath, increased risk of cancer and constantly going out to smoke on the wet and cold balcony ..

My unsuccessful attempts to become a non-smoker:

When I made the decision to become a non-smoker, I was completely overwhelmed at first. As I said before, smoking was a habit for me and I was totally scared of cold withdrawal. After Googling, I found a lot on the subject of becoming a non-smoker. Books, sprays, seminars, video courses or eBooks .. All promised me to quit smoking and get rid of my chronic cough. I’ve tried a lot, but I’ve had countless failed attempts. About me. My longest smoking cessation was 14 days, my shortest 2 minutes. I was totally depressed because I just couldn’t stop smoking. And with every new offer I just thought to myself: “All lazy magic to get smokers even more money out of their ribs and ultimately leave them to their vicious fate ..”

My way, about me and how I managed to quit smoking anyway:

And I kept hearing these sentences that every smoker knows: “Could you please turn off your cigarette, no smoking, it stinks …” But the worst sentence was: “Just quit smoking.” That ‘just’ depressed me even more and let me fall into a deep hole. During this time I became aware of a non-smoking coaching. Out of love for my wife, who was still very concerned for my health, I made the decision to try one last time. I have to do it.

In coaching I finally learned what really matters when you quit smoking. I also understood that everyone who quits smoking is different. A combination of nicotine replacement, e-cigarette and group therapy helped me. I also looked at low-calorie nibbles like sunflower seeds and nuts. I kept a no-smoking calendar where I left a page for every successful day.

That and repeated feedback from the group strengthened me. After more than 12 years as a heavy smoker, I finally made the jump! I was overjoyed at how I quit smoking despite my heavy smoking history and my many failed attempts. My bad cough improved significantly within two weeks of quitting smoking. My wife, who incidentally never smoked, is also overjoyed that I have never had a cigarette in my hand since then. I also have to say: in the whole two years after quitting smoking, I never longed for a cigarette for a second, not even when I was waiting for the bus recently and saw the group of smokers next to me. I felt sorry for the smokers and I was glad I wasn’t one of them anymore.

My motivation to start smoke-free.info:

The feeling of having stopped for my wife’s sake is indescribable. But without the tips, methods and advice given by the coach to quit smoking, I would never have made it back then. For this reason I wanted to help others too. Since I knew how a smoker feels and what problems and challenges he has to overcome when he quits smoking, I wanted to use the knowledge of the coach to turn as many people as possible into non-smokers.

About me.

Despite many failed attempts, I wanted to support them so that they finally get to know the feeling of being smoke-free and above all to stay. Over time, smoke-free.info was born, where I would like to help smokers:

  • Quitting smoking, even if you have already done countless failed attempts and think like I did back then: “Leave me alone, it won’t work anyway.”
  • Finally pulling off your smoking cessation, although you are afraid of cold withdrawal and doubt your success!
  • Staying non-smokers even if they started smoking early in their teens!
  • After quitting smoking, never again craving a cigarette, even though you currently smoke more than one pack a day!
  • In short: to achieve what I have already achieved .. A happy, smoke-free life without cigarettes!