A very easy to use nicotine substitute


Nicotine transdermal patches

Nicotine patches are easy to use. They only have to be stuck on once a day and then unfold their effect for the next 24 hours. A good time to change your patch is the morning after you get up. Possible places to stick on are the upper arm, upper back and hips. The area should be intact, dry and hairless. Smooth the edges of the patch so that it sticks properly and lasts all day. The place where you stick it must be changed with each new patch. The same places should be used again after a week at the earliest.

When the nicotine patch sticks to the skin, it releases nicotine. The advantage of the patches is that they keep the nicotine level at a constant level for over 24 hours. They are suitable for heavy to moderate smokers who smoke very regularly throughout the day. The potential for addiction to patches is very low.

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